Expertise in Adeno Associate Virus Packaging

Bio-Detail Corporation is a biotech company expertise in Adeno-Associated virus (AAV) construction and packaging. Since founded in 2013, the company has been innovating and accumulating remarkable technological improvements in AAV packaging by our scientists who have more than ten years of experience in the field. We provide services of cloning or subcloning target genes or their shRNA into pAAV and services of producing  AAV vectors with high titers and purity that are ready for in vivo animal experiments from research scale(5x10^11 - 5x10^13) to industry scale(1x10^14 - 5x10^16)




Free trial AAV packaging service (Expired)

Free trial AAV packaging service of the titer 5X10^11 vg available for the new customers. Please email to for detail information.

Receive 8% off for the orders of 6 or more AAV packaging services

Receive 8% off for the orders of 6 or more AAV packaging services. Please send us an email at for a quote.

Free samples for first 20 orders start today (expired)

First 20 customers who order AAV packaging service receive free 100 µl 1x10^13/ml control hrGFP or mCherry tagged control AAV virus (AAV2 only). Please comment with your order number or quote number below.

(This offer is expired, please contact us at for a free sample re…

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